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Planning of the Salzburger Leite car park in Bad Neustadt / Saale with 81° inclined structure on commission of the Kriesche architects' office (2016 - 2019)

Developing of projects nowadays is always interconnected with the issue of the traffic functionality. In the event of new building projects or changes of the kind of use, the issue of the traffic and urban compatibility of the project re-emerges.

We support municipalities and private investors with our long-standing experience in the preparation of complex site expertises regarding the traffic infrastructure.


Our services

Site analysis

  • Type of use
  • Intensity of use
  • Urban surroundings

Traffic analysis

  • Road network
  • Path network

Traffic load

  • Secondary analysis
  • Traffic censuses

Traffic forecast and distribution

  • User-specific traffic generation
  • Macro and microscopic apportionment

Concept on infrastructure

  • Comparison of variants
  • Draft and approval planning
  • Proof of capacity for legal purposes in planning procedures